Research Grants

Total Grant Value $32 Million+ AUD (£16 Million+ GBP)

Major research grants and funding include:

  1. R. Ranjan (PI and Centre Director), O. Rana, G. Morgan, J. Liang, and others, UK-Australia Centre in a Secure Internet of Energy: Supporting Electric Vehicle Infrastructure at the “Edge” of the Grid, EPSRC, EP/W003325/1, July 2022 – June 2025, £3,000,000 GBP – FEC (including contributions from industry partners).
  2. R. Ranjan (PI), G. Morgan, A van Moorsel, and E. Solaiman, Scalable Circular Supply Chains for the Built Environment, EPSRC, EP/V042017/1, January 2022 – December 2024, £453,561 GBP – FEC.
  3. J. Liang (Cardiff PI), R. Ranjan (Newcastle PI), O. Rana, L. Cipcigan, .., Sustainable urban power supply through intelligent control and enhanced restoration of AC/DC networks, EPSRC-NSFC Call in Sustainable Power Suppl,  2019-2022,   EP/T021985/1,  Combined Value across UK and Chinese Consortium – £1,100,000+ GBP – FEC.
  4. D. Kirk (PI), SW Lawson (Co-I), AC Durrant (Co-I), P James (Co-I), R Ranjan (Co-I), …, Centre for Digital Citizens – Next Stage Digital Economy Centre, 2020-2025, EP/T022582/1, Combined Value across UK Consortium – £4,700,000+ GBP – FEC.
  5. R. Ranjan (Principal Investigator) , Z Wen (Co-I), and G Morgan, Air Quality Modelling Toolkit in the Cloud-Edge Setting, Research Impact Fund, 2021, School of Computing, £15,000 GBP.
  6. R. Ranjan (Principal Investigator) and G Morgan, A Semantic Approach to Health Data Governance for Privacy, Accountability, Confidence and Transparency , Research Impact Fund, 2020, School of Computing, £20,000 GBP.
  7. R. Ranjan (Principal Investigator),…, Z Wen (Co-I), Osmotic MindSphere: Multi-Resolution Air Quality Modelling across Cloud and Edge,  Pitch-In: Connecting capabilities for the Internet of Things, Research England (P35792/BH192113), 2019-2021, £254,648.14 GBP – Full Economic Cost.
  8. R. Ranjan (Principal Investigator), IoTSim-Edge: Simulation and Modelling infrastructure for Edge Applications, Research Impact Fund, School of Computing, £15,000 GBP.
  9. R. Ranjan (Principal Investigator) and S. Papagiannidis, PACE: Privacy-Aware Cloud Ecosystems, Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC – EP/R033293/1), 2018-2021, £400,000 GBP – Full Economic Cost. (Joint project,EP/R033439/1, with Cardiff University and University College London, Combined Value – £1,145,160.28 GBP – FEC)
  10. S. Barr (Principal Investigator), …, R. Ranjan (Co-Investigator), et al., Flood-PREPARED: Predicting Rainfall Events by Physical Analytics of REaltime Data, Natural Environment Research Council (NERC– NE/P017134/1), 2017 – 2021, $3,600,000 AUD (£1,800,000 GBP – Full Economic Cost).
  11. B. Malamud (Principal Investigator KCL), H. Reeves,…, R. Ranjan (Newcastle Principal Investigator), et al.,  Landslide Multi-Hazard Risk Assessment, Preparedness and Early Warning in South Asia: Integrating Meteorology, Landscape, and Society, Science for Humanitarian Emergencies and Resilience, Jan 2016 Round, Natural Environment Research Council (NERC– NE/P000681/1), 2016 – 2020, $4,000,000 AUD (£2,000,000 GBP – Full Economic Cost includes funding awarded to British Geological Sruvey).
  12. R. Ranjan, P. Watson, and X. Li, Newcastle-Singapore Full PhD Scholarship (2016-2020) for conducting research on ‘Scalable Monitoring and Big Data Analytics Driven Management of Cloud Data Centres’. Amount: $160,000 AUD (£80,000 GBP).
  13. S. Barr, R. Dawson, R. Ranjan,  High-dimensional Multi-objective Spatial Risk and Sustainability Optimisation Tools using Cloud-enabled Evolutionary Computing, NERC DREAM (Data, Risk and Environmental Analytical Methods) PhD CDT (Centre of Doctoral Training) Studentship, 2016-2019, $132,000 AUD (£66,000 GBP).
  14. S. Barr, S. Hallett, R. Ranjan,  Big Data Tools for Massively Distributed Environmental Hazard Data Lakes, NERC DREAM (Data, Risk and Environmental Analytical Methods) PhD CDT Studentship, 2016-2019, $132,000 AUD (£66,000 GBP).
  15. R. Ranjan (Chief/Principal Investigator & Project Manager), Rajkumar Buyya, et al., Innovative Solutions for Management of Big Data and Disaster Management Applications on Clouds, Australia-India Strategic Research Fund Round 7, 2013, $884,000 AUD $($440,000 AUD incl. GST (Department of Industry, Australia) and $444,000 AUD (co-investment or cost sharing by CSIRO and University of Melbourne).
  16. R. Ranjan (Chief/Principal Investigator and Project Leader), MediaWise: A media-driven NBN project aiming to impact education, news, and entertainment, CSIRO Strategic, Portfolio: Digital Technologies & Services, Theme: Smart Secure Infrastructure, Stream: Broadband Services, August 2011- June 2013, ~$1,000,000 million AUD (£500,000 GBP).
  17. R. Ranjan (Chief/Principal Investigator & Project Manager), P. Jayaraman, and D. Georgakopoulos, A Risk and Feasibility Assessment for Migrating Battle Management Systems to Virtualised Data Centre Environment, DSTO Capability Development Technology Round 18, 2013, $10000 AUD. (Stage 1 Success award).
  18. R. Ranjan (Principal Investigator & Julius Fellow), CSIRO Office of Chief Executive Julius Career Award Fellowship, CSIRO, July 2013 – June 2016, $150000 AUD.
  19. R. Ranjan, CSIRO Digital Productivity Flagship Collaboration PhD Top-up Scholarship at University of Technology Sydney (June 2014 – June 2017) for conducting research on ‘Secure Processing of Big Data Streams on Clouds’, $39000 AUD.
  20. R. Ranjan, CSIRO Office of Chief Executive Top-Up Scholarship at Australian National University (2012-2015) for conducting research on ‘Investigating Techniques for Optimizing Cloud Service Selection Decision Making’, Amount: $34000 AUD.
  21. R. Ranjan, CSIRO Office of Chief Executive PhD Top-Up Scholarship at University of Technology Sydney (2012-2014) for conducting research on ‘Cloud-based Large Scale Distributed Semantic Data Management with Security Awareness’. Amount: $35500 AUD.
  22. R. Ranjan, CSIRO ICT Centre PhD Top-Up Scholarship at University of Sydney (2013-2016) for conducting research on ‘Dynamic and Static Analysis for Mapping and Scheduling Algorithms on Parallel Computing Systems’. Amount: $30000 AUD.
  23. R. Ranjan, CSIRO Office of Chief Executive Full PhD Scholarship at Australian National University (2013-2016) for conducting research on ‘A Cloud-based Framework for Efficient Portability and Shaping of Big Data’, Amount: $123000 AUD.
  24. R. Ranjan (Chief/Principal Investigator) and Prof. M. Parashar (Partner Investigator), “Comprehensive Model-driven Provisioning of Services in Composite Systems”, University of New South Wales Goldstar Grant Award, January 2011- December 2011, $30000 AUD
  25.  Ranjan, Melbourne International Research Scholarship, Department of Computer Science and Software Engineer, University of Melbourne, July 2003 – July 2007, $72000 AUD.
  26. R. Ranjan, International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS), Department of Industry, Innovation Science, Research and Tertiary Education, July 2003 – July 2007, $72000 AUD.
  27. R. Ranjan, IEEE Technical Committee on Scalable Computing (TCSC) Student Travel Grant (2005, 2006, and 2007), $3000 AUD.
  28. R. Ranjan, A. Liu, and Service Aggregation Project Team, CRC Smart Services, University of New South Wales, September 2010 – September 2011, $128000 AUD.

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